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RESCUE by BioThane Shelter Spotlight: Oasis Animal Shelter

Oasis Animal Shelter has helped find good homes for dogs for over two decades. Learn more about how Oasis Animal Shelter today. Read Article

Thanksgiving Foods that Aren't Safe for Your Dog

Your dogs won’t want to be left out of the Thanksgiving festivities. Read about which Thanksgiving foods are safe for dogs and which are bad news. Read Article

Four Halloween Costume Tips for Your Dogs

Humans aren't the only ones who can dress up for Halloween. Here are some quick costume tips for your furry friends. Read Article

Introducing Rescue by BioThane: Collars for Shelter Dogs in Need

BioThane started Rescue by BioThane to provide shelter dogs with quality collars. Learn more about how Rescue by BioThane helps shelter dogs. Read Article

Waterproof Collars and Other Tips for Puppy Pool Time

It's pool season for more than just people. Learn about the benefits of waterproof collars and other tips that will be good for your four-legged swimmer. Read Article

Seven Dog Breeds That Need Indestructible Dog Collars

Certain dog breeds can be a little destructive. Here are seven dog breeds that could use indestructible dog collars made from BioThane coated webbing. Read Article

Why Orange Dog Collars May be a Great Choice for Your Pup

From utility to style, sometimes a dog just needs the right orange collar. Here’s why BioThane coated webbing is the perfect material for dog collars. Read Article

The Benefits of Waterproof Dog Collars for Pet Owners

A wet dog collar can lead to more problems than you may think. Here’s how waterproof dog collars benefit pet owners. Read Article

Choosing a Custom Collar for Your Canine

BioThane coated webbing is the perfect material for custom dog collars. Check out our dog collar vendors or contact BioThane about becoming a vendor. Read Article

Why Your Pooch Needs a Reflective Dog Collar

From late-night walks to potential escapees, reflective dog collars can keep dogs safe. Read about why dogs deserve BioThane reflective collars. Read Article

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