Four Halloween Costume Tips for Your Dogs

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People aren’t the only trick or treaters who can get dressed up for Halloween. The holiday is a great time to dress up your four legged friends and venture out for treats or other exploits. Here are some Halloween costume tips for this All Hallows’ Eve.

Image of a dog in a costume. Read these Halloween dog costume tips and buy your own BioThane dog collars today.

Don’t Make the Costume Too Heavy

If a costume is too heavy, your dog could get tired out before too long. This can make any trick-or-treat treks rather unpleasant for both your dog and you.

Not every dog can pull off every costume. For example, an elaborate outfit designed for a Great Pyrenees Mountain dog isn’t going to translate to a Chihuahua. Also, a heavy costume can overheat your dog. Make sure your pup stays hydrated and take off a layer or two if you see them starting to slow down or panting like crazy.

Get Your Dog Used to the Costume

Halloween should not be the first day your dog wears his or her costume. Have your dog try on the costume a few times before your great trick-or-treat adventure. A few practice sessions can get your dog used to the costume so that he or she doesn’t try to shake it off just three houses down the street. You can also gauge what your dog likes and dislikes about the outfit and make any necessary changes.

There’s always the chance that your dog just won’t want to wear a costume, no matter how awesome that Game of Thrones getup may be. If this is the case, just stick with something small that your dog won’t immediately try to lose or destroy.

Make Sure They’re Easily Identifiable

Nobody wants to lose their dog. With all the hubbub going on thanks to large groups of sugar-crazed children and spooky decorations, it’s possible that your dog may ghost away. That’s why you always want to make sure your dog can be easily identified when found by some other stand-up citizen. Dog ID collars will let people know how to get in touch with you in case your dog gets spooked and runs off.

Incorporate Orange Reflective Dog Collars

Orange dog collars make way too much sense for Halloween. Not only is the color a natural fit for the season, it can also help you keep your dog safe. Bright, reflective dog collars make it easier for other people to spot your dog in the dark. That way you can add some style while you protect your pup.

Make Sure They Look Great Every Day

Alright, this isn’t really a Halloween costume tip, but it’s never bad to get some advice for the other 364 days of the year. Coated webbing dog collars are durable, waterproof, and affordable enough to keep your dog safe and stylish without breaking your budget. Buy dog collars made from BioThane coated webbing for your next Halloween adventure and the years to come.