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Choosing a Custom Collar for Your Canine (1)

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Good dogs deserve something better than a boring collar. Your dog holds a special place in your heart and should have a collar that matches his or her personality.

BioThane coated webbing dog collars are highly customizable, making it a great choice for everything from Afghan Hounds to Yorkshire Terriers. There are many ways to personalize a dog collar. Here are three things to consider when looking for a custom dog collar for your canine.

Custom dog collars give your pet’s look a personalized touch.

Play the Name Game

What’s in a name? That’s for owners to decide. BioThane does work well with collars designed to have names on them. BioThane works with vendors that make custom dog collars with built-in name tags that are designed to look like more than an afterthought. This isn’t just any dog’s collar; it’s Sparky von Floof’s special reflective collar with his name, number, and other important information engraved just in case he runs off after a squirrel again.

Jazz up Your Custom Collar

When it comes to custom dog collars, sometimes it’s all about the bling. Every detail is important, so dog collar customization allows pet owners to choose between different hardware materials, such as stainless steel, brass, or thermoplastic. BioThane is also great for personalized dog collars with different decorations, meaning that your dog can have a collar full of Swarovski crystals, metal shapes, and other fun additions.

Colorful Combinations for Your Canine

Want your little prince or princess to be treated like royalty? A personalized purple collar could add a regal edge to your dog’s look. Don’t want your Dachshund’s collar to clash with the exquisite hot dog costume that he or she loves wearing? Then we’d probably go with a flashy red or yellow option. BioThane makes coated webbing in a wide variety of colors to let pet owners choose exactly the right color and shade for their pups.

The Best Material for Custom Dog Collars

Like people, every dog is special. If you’re looking for a unique collar for your dogs, check out the different brands that make custom, personalized dog collars with BioThane’s coated webbing.

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