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The Beta® way to ride
Image of the best working horse tack made by BioThane.

Working Horse Tack

Working Horse Tack

Growing up in Ohio's Amish country around and on horses has helped us to develop a unique understanding of both horses and people. Our passion is helping people find the right products for their horses and applications regardless of their level of experience.

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BioThane Beta Horse Tack

Everything we do is designed to enhance the riding experience for both horse and rider. We believe horse tack should be functional, durable, safe and beautiful.

·        BioThane Beta Horse Tack
·        Halter Bridles & more
·        Western looks w/ Stainless
·        Trail proven designs


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Taylored Tack

Beta & BioThane Bridles & Halters, Breast Collars , Reins , and Accessories.

Taylored Tack is known for unique, beautifully made and well fitting Beta and BioThane tack.  We are the finest Beta and BioThane tack manufacturer in the USA and around the world. We custom design with you and your horse in mind. Proudly made in the USA.

  • Beta & BioThane Bridles & Halters
  • Beta & BioThane Breast Collars
  • Beta & BioThane Reins
  • Beta & BioThane Accessories
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The Distance Depot

Beta Bridles, Trail Tack, and Beta Halters tack and trail riding equipment.

The Distance Depot has grown into one of the premier shops in the nation for custom made Beta BioThane tack as well as endurance and trail riding supplies. Our tack is custom made for you & your horse's comfort; all of our folds face away from the horse. Keep your horse comfortable with our custom designs. 

  • Beta & BioThane Halter Bridles & Halters
  • Beta & BioThane Breast Collars
  • Beta & BioThane Reins
  • Beta & BioThane Accessories
  • Beta & BioThane Stirrup Leathers & Stirrup Cages
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Great Leads and Reins

  • We manufacture all weather equine tack called “Xtra Mile Endurance Tack”
  • All our manufacturing materials are purchased in North America, nothing is off shore so the quality is assured. 
  • We use original Beta Biothane, Marine grade double braid rope, stainless steel or solid brass hardware.
  • Everything is designed and made in our shop so we can offer custom adjustments and other designs specifically for you and your horse.
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American Trail Gear

BioThane Bridles, Halters, Breast Collars, and Reins.

Whether you ride the rail for show, or the trail and just go, American Trail Gear has what you need.

  • BioThane Bridles
  • BioThane Halters
  • BioThane Breast Collars
  • BioThane Reins
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Sweet Iron Bit & Bridle, LLC

BioThane English Reins, Training Tack, and Supergrip Training Reins

An all breed, all discipline custom bit and bridle tack shop. Stop by often to see what new and fun products we offer!

  • BioThane English Reins
  • BioThane English Training Tack
  • Supergrip Training Reins
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Parry Harness & Tack

Custom Biothane Equine Harness & Tack.

Custom Biothane Equine Harness & Tack since 1978 - All Breeds, All Disciplines, All Sizes

  • Halters
  • Bridles
  • Tack
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Trail and Pleasure Riding Supplies

BioThane equine equipment that is convenient and durable riding equipment that is custom made.

Welcome, we make Biothane ® equine equipment. Our goal is to provide you with convenient and durable riding equipment. Custom made for that one of a kind friend. You will love our prices.

Tack that will last.

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Pioneer Endurance

Beta and BioThane Bridles, Breastplates, Reins, and more.

Pioneer Endurance manufactures a bespoke endurance range, and is the preferred choice of elite endurance riders and teams in many countries. Pioneer Endurance produces equipment for Endurance, Le Trec, and trail riding.

We use genuine BioThane® and BETA® BioThane®, in order to produce a wide selection of endurance bridles, breastplates, reins, and martingales.

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Equimero is a small but quality oriented BioThane products manufacturing company founded in February 2015 in Germany.  By working closely with clients and experts alike in the horse-training arena, we've developed an array of great products that combine all the talents and know-how of our experienced team.  Saskia Rohn, a hippotherapy riding therapist, and Tina Meier, a horse trainer since 2010, know all the requirements needed to make an outstanding piece of riding equipment. This experience is most evident in the newest baby of our product line, the Equi-Bridle, which is not only practical, but also so aesthetically pleasing that it won an award for innovation.

All of our one-of-a-kind products are handmade with care to the specifications of each of our customers. The thread used in our products is extremely durable and sewn with a free-arm sewing machine. That means that each piece, a sidepull for example, can be preformed anatomically with no need to pre-fit it to the horse.

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Goedhard Endurance

Goedhard Endurance Bridle

Goedhard Endurance makes BioThane bridles in The Netherlands.  Since 2000 they have been collecting products that make it possible to practice top-class sport or to roam the forest with your horse in a recreational way. If they can not buy it, then they make it.  They create durable BioThane horse products in their Marylot® workshop. 

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Equi-Bride Tack

EQUI-BRIDE designs and manufactures many different types of equipment made with BioThane® for horses and riders.  All products are branded SP France. The core business is Endurance discipline. All products are developed and improved in relation with several professional riders.

In the catalogue there are a wide variety of bridles close to classic ones or oriented to Endurance competition, breastplates, halters, reins, martingales (attachment or running) and hackamore supports. There are also several kinds of stirrups straps, safety cages for stirrups and dog collars. A vast majority of production is made in response to orders and customized to meet the customer wishes such as the size or colors of their stable or team.

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edelross horse tack

Welcome to the world of EDELROSS®️ - we offer high-quality horse tack featuring best functionality and wow effect. Our products look and feel like leather - however, BioThane®️ is much better. Because of the semi-gloss coating our products get a shiny and exclusive touch. The rider's heart will be most pleased with the uncomplicated care, as our tack does not require any regular treatment with oil or fat to remain durable and soft. 

All EDELROSS®️ Premium BioThane®️ products are lovingly handcrafted in Austria. Visit our shop to choose out of a wide variety of bridles, halters, baroque look tack, reins, stirrups or contact us for customized solutions.

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LS Equestrian

LS Equestrian Halter

LS Equestrian design & make high quality Bespoke BioThane® Tack for all equine shapes & sizes, whatever your discipline.  

100% Made in NZ using only the highest standard of BioThane® which is made in America. Our range includes Bridles, Halters, Breastplates, Martingales, Reins, Driving Reins, Stirrup leathers and everything in between. From Miniature Foal sizes all the way up to Warmblood & Draft. With over 30 Beta colours to choose from, there really is something for everyone. BioThane® is Waterproof, strong, flexible, lightweight, and easy to clean. Beta® BioThane® has a similar finish to leather.

Worldwide Shipping, Afterpay & Layby Available for NZ, Aus & International customers.

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Tajara Horsewear

Horse with haltr

Tajara Horsewear has been manufacturing high-quality products made from BioThane® since 2008, inspired by a passion for the equestrian sport. All our products are individually handmade in Northern Germany.  Our range includes customized bridles, reins, breast collars and halters as well as cavessons and lunges.  We also offer unique dog leashes, dog collars and harnesses. Tajara Horsewear creates bridles tailored to provide an optimal fit, whether it's for small Shetland ponies or Shire Horses.  All our products are crafted from BioThane®. The material is completely waterproof, tear-resistant, and very easy to clean with water. Additionally, it's antibacterial, and mold-resistant. With a wide variety of different colors, BioThane® offers the opportunity to create fantastic color combinations.  Visit our online shop and be inspired by our variety of options and colors, and create your unique equipment!

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