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The Benefits of Waterproof Dog Collars for Pet Owners (1)

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There are some dogs who are great at keeping dry. Others can’t drink from the water bowl without creating a mess. When your pup is a natural water magnet, it might be in your best interest to invest in a waterproof dog collar. Here’s how waterproof collars made from BioThane coated webbing benefit the pet owners who have to look after their soggy dog.

Waterproof Collars Save You Time

The last thing you want to do is clean a dog collar. When your dog gets wet, you already have to handle cleaning a moving ball of fur. Caring for the inanimate object around its neck shouldn’t be another tiring endeavor.

Regular dog collars can absorb all that water and stay wet for hours. Waterproof dog collars don’t. It’s really that simple. All it takes is a quick wipe to take care of a waterproof collar. That leaves you with plenty of time to wipe down the furry river jumper you’ve got quarantined in your laundry room.

Waterproof Collars Keep Your Nose Happy

Do you know when a dog collar smells the best? When it doesn’t have a smell at all. BioThane coated webbing keeps your dog collars scent-free.

Your dog isn’t going to interact with filtered spring water when he or she gets wet. No, the usual dog tends to gravitate toward stinky, bacteria-ridden water. Regular collars can absorb these foul fluids, meaning that washing them won’t be able to get rid of all of the dirty water.

Waterproof collars don’t have this problem because they’re, well, waterproof. No water will get inside BioThane coated webbing, meaning that your pup’s collar can be smell free the way it ought to be.

Waterproof Collars Last

A stinky, water-ridden collar isn’t exactly something you want to keep around. As long as you aren’t a member of the soggy leather club, waterproof collars should last you and your pup a lot longer than other soaked materials.

Dog collars aren’t meant to be disposable. BioThane coated webbing keeps your waterproof collars protected from the elements, whether it’s a massive thunderstorm or a drool-filled dog dish. No matter the danger, your collar is good to go for the long run (or walk, if they’re a good dog).

Waterproof Collars That Help Keep You Sane

Caring for your dog is plenty of work. Quality waterproof collars are perfect for owners who don’t want to worry about what they’re dog has around his or her neck. Check out the vendors who make waterproof dog collars out of BioThane today and outfit your dog with a great collar.

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