Seven Dog Breeds That Need Indestructible Dog Collars

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Dog collars aren’t chew toys. However, your dogs may disagree with that and turn a collar into useless bits and pieces.

Dogs will chew on collars for any number of reasons, including anxiety or hunger. Sometimes they’ll just destroy a collar because they’re bored. Dogs will even chew the collar off of their furry brother or sister if it means they can get in a few good chomps. Here are seven dog breeds that might treat a collar as a chew toy.

Image of a happy dog. Some dogs need indestructible dog collars that won’t break from chewing.

Seven Deadly Dog Breeds (for Collars)

Retrievers: Both Golden and Labrador Retrievers are bred to, well, retrieve things. That means that these breeds naturally like to carry things around in their mouths. Unfortunately for your collars, that puts them in close proximity to your dog’s teeth.

Shetland Sheepdog: Dog collars aren’t food. However, a Shetland Sheepdog might not care. This breed loves to try and eat different items. That can include their own collar. In fact, an old leather collar might look like an appetizing strip of jerky to these high-energy pooches.

American Staffordshire Terrier: Like playing with your hair or biting your nails, chewing is just a bad habit that your dog can do while he or she is bored. This breed of Pit Bulls can easily get bored and anxious, making your collar a tool to help them destress and kill time.

Jack Russell Terrier: Jack Russell Terriers were bred to hunt. Sometimes that means they’ll chase varmints in the backyard. Other times they’ll hunt down various inanimate objects in your house. If it’s the latter, then watch out for those collars.

Siberian Husky: Huskies were born to run. Of course, the typical backyard isn’t big enough for a full-blown sled team. That means that your Husky might get a little bored every now and again and turn to some recreational chewing to exert some energy.

German Shepherd: Like Retrievers and Huskies, German Shepherds need something to do to help stimulate them. There aren’t a lot of herding options in the average household, but there’s always a collar that can be chewed through.

Shiba Inu: Some dogs just want to see the world burn. Shiba Inus are a mischievous breed that can stir up a little trouble when you aren’t looking. That can mean trouble for an innocent little collar.

Indestructible Dog Collars for Chewers

Some dogs just like to chew on things. That’s why pet owners need indestructible dog collars that can hold up when a pooch gets a little chew happy. BioThane’s coated webbing is an incredibly durable and flexible material that can hold up to your canine’s canines. Not only is coated webbing practically indestructible, it’s also waterproof, making drool cleanup a breeze.

Pet owners can’t afford to constantly replaced destroyed dog collars. Our waterproof, indestructible dog collars through Coastal Pet Products give owners a durable option that will last.