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A Football Team’s Offensive Line Should Be As Strong As A Draft Horse’s Harness

Attending a large, Labor Day picnic, Frank found himself staring at a draft horse in the fenced-off distance. His eyes fixated on the magnificent beast as the sounds around him grew dim and jumbled. Frank’s mind calmly slipped away from t… Read Article

Durability In Products Such As Shoes And Dog Collars Will Save Money For Consumers In The Long Run

Stretching one’s dollars requires a little bit of research when it comes to durability in the products a consumer purchases. A cheaper product may sound like a great deal but if the purchase breaks down quickly and that product needs repla… Read Article

Whether training a child to ride a bike or training a puppy to be a good dog, a little help will go a long way

Mason couldn’t wait to ride a bike. He was nearly five years old now and could scarcely bear to watch the other neighborhood kids zipping up and down the street on their bicycles while he sat on the porch. Mason was positive that if only… Read Article

How John Cena and Patti LaBelle conspired to get me a new waterproof cell phone

“What are the odds?” That’s the question that spilled out of my mouth after I dropped my cell phone into a nearly full, thirty-two ounce cup of water. It’s the same question I asked when the representative who sold me the phone asked if I… Read Article

Custom Made Products Are Everywhere

Custom made products are everywhere. Everything from customized dog collars to one-of-a-kind cell phone cases can be easily obtained these days. Read Article

Updating your old dog leashes

Choice is usually a good thing but when it comes to dog leashes choices of the past were lackluster and not always the best for you or your pet. Read Article

Gee Hawin' - Happiness Is A Collared Puppy

Did you ever wonder how a dog performs unique tricks such as getting your slippers with a simple voice command? Have you ever witnessed a service dog piloting a blind person through a crowded venue flawlessly in spite of all the obstacles p… Read Article

Roy Rogers and His Horse Trigger

Roy Rogers had his horse, Trigger, looking good and for good reason. Trigger was a star in his own right and Roy loved that horse. Roy Rogers was an American singer and actor who was one of the most popular Western stars of his era. Kno… Read Article

Is My BioThane Dog Collar A Rubber Dog Collar?

In nature, sometimes things that look alike are actually quite different. Things seen are not always what they appear to be. From turtles and tortoises to dolphins and porpoises nature appears to have sets of twins. Yet twins they are no… Read Article

Why Your Hunting Dog Needs a Hunting Dog Collar

Hunting dogs are one of the best assets a hunter could have in the field. Gun dogs, in particular, make for great canine side-kicks on the hunt. Read Article

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