Why Orange Dog Collars May be a Great Choice for Your Pup

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Collars are more than just a means to train or restrain your dog. They can serve multiple purposes, including protection and personalization. Orange dog collars can give you a bit of both. Here’s why your dog might be best-suited for an orange dog collar.

Orange Collars with a Purpose: Hunting Dogs

You’re not the only one who should be decked out in orange during hunting season. Your faithful partner should be decked out in his or her special orange hunting collar as well.

Your dog doesn’t have to be out on the hunt to need some extra protection. BioThane coated webbing can make your dog collars reflective so that they’re easier to spot when it gets dark out. Chasing after rabbits is fun and all, but all it takes is one accident to change everything. Orange safety collars help people spot rambunctious pups when they’re driving or just out and about.

Fashion Forward Orange Collars

Orange is a warm, happy color for a dog collar. In fact, it’s practically guaranteed to stick out unless your dog decides to jump into a cart of oranges again. Either way, an orange dog collar is a bold fashion statement. If anybody’s judging your dog’s bright-orange attire, it’s only because they’re jealous that they don’t look as sharp as your four-legged friend.

However, that happy shade of orange is not exactly a color that you can find with leather or other similar materials. Fortunately, BioThane has got the perfect orange dog collar material for you.

Of course, stylish dog collars need to look good; a scuffed up collar isn’t going to wow any passing Pomeranians. That’s why BioThane coated webbing is designed so that it doesn’t scratch easily, even when your pooch mistakes it for a chew toy.

Orange Coated Webbing for All Occasions

Regardless of whether you choose a collar for style or function, BioThane’s coated webbing is a great choice for orange dog collars. Learn more about how our coated webbing can be used to make dog collars or check out a list of different canine collar applications to find the products you need.