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Why Your Pooch Needs a Reflective Dog Collar (1)

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A dog collar does more than just help you control your dog. A collar is a multi-faceted tool. Sure, it lets owners conveniently use a leash and a name tag, but a collar can also be the safety device or fashion statement that your beloved pup needs. Here’s why a reflective collar might be in your dog’s best interests.

Keeping Dogs Safe with Reflective Dog Collars

Even the best dogs can have “bad dog” moments. If a dog gets loose at night, reflective dog collars can help keep them safe. Reflective materials can be the difference between seeing a lost dog or missing him or her completely.

Reflective dog collars can also pick up car headlights and other sources of light that can allow people to see your dog and avoid a deadly accident. Even if your dog is still on a leash, his or her reflective collar allow others to see where you and your pet are if you’re out for a late night stroll.

Reflective Hunting Collars for Furry Helpers

Night isn’t the only time reflective collars can help with safety. Hunting dogs can benefit from them as well. You aren’t the only one who should wear bright orange if you go hunting. Your furry hunting partners should be decked out in a brightly-colored reflective dog collar to help keep them safe.

Reflecting Light in Style

Safety is a priority, but style can be a necessity for some puppy parents. Do you want a dog collar that just pops when you see it? Reflective dog collar materials can make your dog’s neckpiece stick out in a crowd.

Reflective dog collars can be made in many different colors that fashion-forward owners can choose from. Just because your dog is color blind doesn’t mean they can have a favorite shade when they want to look their best.

Security and Style with Reflective Collars

Whether you’re going for safety or style, reflective dog collars might be the right choice for your furry best friend. Browse through vendors who use BioThane’s quality coated webbing to make the best reflective dog collars available. If you’re looking to make your own brand of reflective collars, check out our available dog collar materials.

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