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Beta® 520 Color Chart

The Beta® 520 Series has the most color options that BioThane Coated Webbing has to offer. We continue to add new on trend colors to our offering while keeping our legacy colors alive. We only show colors that are available through our Distributors and do not show any custom colors.

Color Options

Snow (WH521) Snow (WH521)
Sahara (TN525) Sahara (TN525)
Caramel (BR521) Caramel (BR521)
Coyote Brown (CB521) Coyote Brown (CB521)
Milk Chocolate (BR522) Milk Chocolate (BR522)
Dark Chocolate (BR523) Dark Chocolate (BR523)
Black (BL520) Black (BL520)
Battleship (GY523) Battleship (GY523)
Merlot (WN521) Merlot (WN521)
Cherry (RD522) Cherry (RD522)
Coral (PC524) Coral (PC524)
Hot Pink (PK521) Hot Pink (PK521)
Passionfruit (PK523) Passionfruit (PK523)
Peach (OR529) Peach (OR529)
Hunter Orange (OR522) Hunter Orange (OR522)
Green Apple (GN525) Green Apple (GN525)
Tropical Green (GN528) Tropical Green (GN528)
Hunter Green (GN522) Hunter Green (GN522)
Olive Drab (OD521) Olive Drab (OD521)
Sky Blue (BU52H) Sky Blue (BU52H)
Cerulean (BU521) Cerulean (BU521)
Blueberry (BU522) Blueberry (BU522)
Deep Sea (BU523) Deep Sea (BU523)
Violet (VI521) Violet (VI521)
Teal (TE521) Teal (TE521)
Lemon (YE521) Lemon (YE521)
Safety Yellow (YE527) Safety Yellow (YE527)
Treasure Gold (GD521) Treasure Gold (GD521)
Pastel Purple (PU522) Pastel Purple (PU522)
Blue (BU52F) Blue (BU52F)
Sea Foam Green (GN52K) Sea Foam Green (GN52K)
Amethyst Purple (PU524) Amethyst Purple (PU524)
Magenta Pink (PK526) Magenta Pink (PK526)
Sage Green (GN527) Sage Green (GN527)
Periwinkle (BU525) Periwinkle (BU525)
Dusty Turquoise (TU521) Dusty Turquoise (TU521)

*All colors shown are digital representations and may vary from actual coating color.