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Waterproof dog collars, reflective dog collars, dog leashes and couplers.

DIY Kits

Strap Warehouse Small Business Starter Kit

Small business starter kit

The small business starter set was created for those who are serious about creating collars and leashes with BioThane.

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Paracord collar kit

Make your own adjustable collar with this DIY kit! The DIY kit and corresponding instructions are designed in such a way that you can make a nice BioThane collar as a starter.

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Strap Warehouse Waist Belt Starter Kit

Strap Warehouse Waist Belt Starter Kit

Our Waist Belt Starter Kit includes everything you need to get started making high quality BioThane belts! There is enough material to make your first 6 belts.

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Paracord leash kit

The DIY kit and accompanying instructions are designed so that you can make a beautiful BioThane dog leash as a starter.

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Strap Warehouse Hobbyist Beginner Kit

Strap Warehouse Hobbyist Beginner Kit

The Hobbyist beginner kit is perfect for those just beginning to make collars with BioThane. Whether you are selling or making for your own animals this beginner kit has everything that you need.

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The Strap Warehouse Handyman Press

Handyman press

The Handyman Press is designed for cutting, riveting and punching BioThane and other strap materials. It is perfect for everyone from do-it-yourself collar makers to people working full time in any strap goods industry.

Shop Now Spindle

Paracord Spindle and Accessories

With this hand press and the fitting accessories, you can easily punch holes and press rivets into BioThane. This tool helps create dog collars and leshes

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Buckleguy Clicker Presses

Clicker Presses

Buckleguy stocks a manual 4-Ton Clicker Press and 12-Ton Clicker Press with a swing heads. The next step up from hand cutting, this manual cutter will provide exacting results with the use of steel dies.

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The Strap Warehouse Gang Punch Press

Gang Punch Press

The Gang Punch is designed for cutting and punching BioThane® and other strap materials. If you are looking for an inexpensive, accurate tool to increase your productivity and reduce your stress this is it.

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Buckleguy Setters and Dies

Setters and Dies

Our line of BG Standard dies all fit with each tool and are easy to screw in and out as needed.

Shop Now Moulds

Paracord moulds

Create your own BioThane® adapter, leash or collar for your dog using these Biothane® moulds. The moulds are ideal for marking holes in the BioThane® or webbing in the right places.

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Buckleguy Hole & End Punches

 Hole & End Punches

Buckleguy carries hole punches and end punches in a variety of sizes that work great on BioThane.

Shop Now Hand Tools

Paracord Hand tools

These hand tools are great for helping make a collar or two.

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Buckleguy Hammers & Mallets

Buckleguy mallets

Great impact strength. This nonporous material won't mar and is easy to clean.

Shop Now Angelus Paints

Paracord Angelus paints

Angelus Leather Paint is ideal for materials such as leather, VioThane, canvas and denim. The paint is waterbased and elastic, making it ideal for flexible surfaces, as the paint does not flake off.

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The Strap Warehouse Angelus Paints

Angelus Paints

Angelus paints are the premiere paints for BioThane coated webbing! You can use these paints to finish ends or paint your own designs on BioThane.

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Buckleguy Edge Paint & Machines

Edge Paint and Machines

Buckleguy is a USA distributor of Giardini Italian leather edge paints. Giardini has been developing and manufacturing edge paints for generations.

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Buckleguy Solid Brass Buckles

Solid Brass Buckles

Buckleguy is one of the largest buckle suppliers online. We sell solid brass belt buckles, center bar buckles, roller buckles, center bars, and double tongues. All of our buckles are made of solid brass or zinc.

Shop Now Hardware

Paracord Hardware

Different kinds of hardware to help you make your own dog leashes, dog collars or horse halters.

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The Strap Warehouse Buckles


From plastic buckles to nickle plated steel, Strap Warehouse is the place to get your hardware.

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Buckleguy Custom Hardware

Custom Hardware

Buckleguy can manufacture custom hardware products to meet your exact specifications.

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The Strap Warehouse Chicago Screws

Different Chicago Screws

Strap Warehouse offers many different sizes and colors of Chicago screws.

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Buckleguy Solid Brass Snaps

Solid Brass Snaps

Buckleguy specializes in some of the finest quality brass swivel snaps, snap hooks and pet leash hardware available. Each brass snap hook is made of several components, which are assembled by hand and polished to a brilliant sheen.

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The Strap Warehouse Snaps


These snaps are great for dog leashes. Available in many different finishes.

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Buckleguy Solid Brass Rings

Solid Brass Rings

Buckleguy carries a range of solid brass rings in multiple sizes and finishes. Each Buckleguy brass d ring and brass o ring is made of solid brass (unless otherwise specified), hand polished and lacquer coated.

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The Strap Warehouse Rivets


Strap Warehouse offers tubular, double cap, and jiffy rivets.

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Buckleguy Solid Rivets

Solid Brass Rivets

Buckleguy carries a large variety of brass rivets in four finishes including natural brass, antique brass, nickel plate, and nickel matte. We also stock an assortment of rivets setters from hand setters to larger rivet presses.

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Buckleguy Solid Brass Studs

Solid Brass Studs

Buckleguy supplies a variety of solid brass studs, feet, and leather button studs. Our solid brass stud hardware come in six finishes: natural brass, antique brass, black matte, gold, nickel plate, and nickel matte.

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Buckleguy Plastic Hardware

Plastic Hardware

All of our plastic hardware comes from Duraflex®. Duraflex® is one of the highest end plastic buckle suppliers in the world and is seen on most high end products.

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The Strap Warehouse BioThane Loops

Loops made with BioThane

BioThane loops made with Beta Standard. The loops are stapled together.

Shop Now Adapters

Paracord Adapters made with BioThane

Make your project adjustable by using this handmade BioThane® adapter. This adapter is suitable for paracord dog collars, BioThane® collars, and bag straps.

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Strap Warehouse RF Welded BioThane Loops

RF Welded BioThane Loops

These Welded Belt Keeper Loops are the best BioThane® keeper loops that we have. The square design makes the belt ends slide through easily and smoothly.

Shop Now UV Printed BioThane

Paracord UV Printed BioThane

Fun and colorful prints on Beta using a UV printing technique. The print is weather and scratch resistant.

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The Strap Warehouse UV Printed BioThane

UV Printed BioThane

Printed Beta in 8' lengths. Printed on one side.

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