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Why Your Hunting Dog Needs a Hunting Dog Collar (1)

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Hunting dogs are one of the best assets a hunter could have in the field.  Gun dogs, in particular, make for great canine side-kicks on the hunt. 

Hunting dogs are classified into several groups.  There are hounds which include dog breeds such as bloodhounds and beagles.  There are also terriers.  Jack Russell and west highland whites are examples of breeds in the terrier group.  There are also groups for feists, curs and dachshunds.  No group of hunting dog, however, is more aptly named than gun dogs.

Gun dogs, also known as bird dogs, were bred to help hunters locate and retrieve game, usually birds.  Gun dogs fall into three primary groups of either pointers, retrievers or flushing breeds.  The name pointer comes from the dog's instinct to “point”, by stopping and aiming its muzzle towards game allowing the hunter to move into gun range.  Both English and Irish setters are examples of pointing breeds.

A retriever is a type of gun dog bred to locate and bring back prey, usually birds, without damage.  Retrievers have “soft mouths” which means that they will gently carry the prey in their mouths back to the hunter.  They have a great willingness to learn and obey.  And because of a retriever’s propensity to please and its trainability, breeds such as Labrador and golden retrievers make wonderful disability assistance dogs as well.

A flushing dog is a gun dog that was bred to “flush” out game, especially birds.  This type of dog will first find the prey and then drive it from its hiding place so that the hunter can shoot or capture it.  Cocker and English springer spaniels are perfect examples of flushing dogs.  These gun dogs are great for hunting and are very people-friendly and make excellent companions as well.

A gun dog is a hunting companion like no other.  And no matter which hunting breed the sportsperson has, that dog needs the right gear.  Hunting collars made with BioThane Coated Webbing are a great accessory for any hunting dog.  From camo-themed e-collars to brightly colored reflective collars or orange dog collars, BioThane has got your hunting dog collar covered. 

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