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What Your Dogs Can Chew On Instead of a Collar (1)

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Bees buzz. Birds sing. Dogs chew. Some animals just do what they have to do. Unfortunately, these natural urges can make your four-legged friend turn your home into a palace of chewed goods.

From the furniture to your dog’s collars, everything is up for grabs (or bites) when it’s chew time. That’s why you should get your dog a few items that he or she can use instead.

Image of a happy dog with a chew proof collar. Buy strong dog collars and leashes today.

Chew Treats

Dogs like to chew. Dogs also like tasty flavors. Ergo, dogs like tasty chew treats that will keep them from chomping on something not designed for dog teeth.

While bones are a classic treat for dogs, they might not be the best thing for your pup. Some dogs can chew bones so hard that they may break their teeth or splinter the bone. There are dental chews and bone-like treats that will give your pups the taste of a regular treat with the potential risk. These can also help clean their teeth as well, adding a little bonus to your chew-proofing schemes.

Chew Toys

Chew treats are great for some tasteful chewing, but some dogs just want to have fun. That means it’s time to chomp as hard as they can on an inanimate object. A couple of good dog toys can help your pup chew on a designated toy instead of settling for furniture or the occasional stray foot.

Not all chew toys are created equal, however. Dogs like to play with things that they can literally sink their teeth into. Hard rubber chew toys are durable enough that they can withstand an attempted shredding while being malleable enough that it won’t feel like your dog is chewing a cinder block. Other fun elements like noises or ropes can help excite your dog and keep them interested.

It’s also important to match the chew toy to the pooch. Some dogs just want a soft toy to carry around with them, which is absolutely adorable. If they’re not interested in shredding it to pieces, feel free to give them their own stuffed animal or any other similar item. Some dogs are more interested in “killing” their toys, making a much more durable toy a necessity.

Strong Dog Collars for Pups Who Chew

Even with a few good toys and treats, your collars and leashes may be in danger of meeting your canine’s canines. Strong dog collars and leashes will help protect your pet products in case your furry friend goes on a rampage. BioThane makes coated webbing, a durable material with all of the right features for chew-proof dog collars and leashes.

Don’t get stuck with frayed, slobbery pet products. Buy strong dog collars and leashes made with BioThane coated webbing today.

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