Three Tips for Choosing a Puppy Collar

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Not all dog collars are meant for puppies. You wouldn’t give a toddler an adult-sized shirt, would you? A good puppy collar can keep your new four-legged friend comfortable and save you from some problems as he or she grows older. Here are some tips to help you choose a good puppy collar.

Image of a happy dog wearing an adjustable puppy collar.

Invest in an Adjustable Dog Collar

As much as you want your pet to stay puppy sized, your dog will get bigger. Adjustable puppy collars save you from buying a new one as your new pet grows. This way you can start off small and just adjust the buckle when it’s time to give your dog some more neck room.

Make Sure the Collar is Comfortable

Do you like wearing itchy, uncomfortable ties? Then you should think about how your puppy will react to a collar. Your puppy may not be a fan of wearing a collar, and a stiff, heavy bit of leather isn’t going to help the situation. Buy a puppy collar that’s soft, flexible, and lightweight to make for an easier introduction to four-legged fashion.

Cleanable Puppy Collars

There are a whole lot of smells in the world. You don’t want all of them in your puppy’s collar. Puppies are going to sniff, snort, and roll around in all kinds of questionable substances. It’s almost like a rite of passage for a young dog. Keep those smelly adventures out of your home by getting a waterproof dog collar that’s easy to clean.

Get the Right Puppy Collars for Your Furry Friend

Don’t saddle your pup with an old nylon or leather collar. Stunt Puppy adjustable dog collars are great for young pups. Whether you’re a pet owner or run a store, coated webbing collars are the way to go.