Medical Applications
for BioThane Coated Webbing

Whether you manufacture patient restraints, evacuation chairs, safe patient handling products or one of many other medical products that require sturdy coated webbings, choose BioThane Coated Webbing as your source.

Manufacture of patient restraints, evacuation chairs, safe patient handling products or other medical products.
EMS Restraint
EMS Restraint
Gait Belt
Gait Belt
Cot Strap
Cot Strap
Cleanable Cuffs
Cleanable Cuffs
Antimicrobial Restrain
Antimicrobial Restrain

First introduced to the EMS market in 1998, BioThane is the inventor and manufacturer BioThane® Patient Restraints.

BioThane webbing is:

  • Suitable for multiple uses
  • Coated with a protective shield of urethane or vinyl
  • Available in a range of widths (3/8” to 4”)
  • Able to be screen printed with your department name or logo

Request Radio Frequency (RF) welding for a hygienic solution.

When strappings are sewn, the surface of the strapping can be compromised, increasing the likelihood that infectious blood and body fluids will be trapped on the webbing.

With RF welding, secure attachment points are created wherever sewing would have been used – providing you with a hygienic solution.

Coated webbing is a key element in the following medical products:

  • Patient restraints, including patient physical restraints
  • Cleanable gait belts
  • Safe patient handling and patient positioning products
  • Inflatable air splints
  • Emergency stair chairs and evacuation chairs
  • Shoulder straps for medical equipment bags
  • And more

Which coated webbing is best for medical products?

Thicknesses that are the most popular because of their flexibility and hardware compliance:

  • Ultra-Thin
  • Super-Flex

BioThane Webbing Options

Research & Development Testing

Blood and Pathogen Clean-Up Test