Chemical Test

BioThane's protective coating keeps webbing in perfect condition while testing. Heat seal the ends for best results.

Test Procedure

ASTM: D471-12
Rubber Property Effect of Liquid


After soaking the webbing samples in oil for more than a month, the protective coating on BioThane® coated webbing reveals the webbing underneath is still in perfect condition. We recommend heat sealing the ends of BioThane® coated webbing to achieve these results.

Test Results

BioThane® vs Uncoated Webbing

Property Test Method Unit BioThane® Gold Series Uncoated Web polyester
20% Acetic Acid ASTM D471-12 Rubber Property Effect of Liquids % wt. change 14.51 24.41
5.25% Bleach 12.22 22.72
10% NaOH 10.66 23.65
Unleaded Gasoline    
MEK 25.11 19.53
Sea Water    
ASTM #1 Oil 19.93 0.02
50% Antifreeze 12.51 27.14
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BioThane Test Results