Arc Flash Test

Eliminate electric shock. BioThane's dielectric properties eliminate the danger from tracking injuries.

Test Procedure

ASTM F1701
Standard Specification for Unused Polypropylene Rope with Special Electrical Properties

Standard Specifications for Personal Climbing Equipment, also known as the “Arc Test”.


The Arc Test video shows the straps hanging in place. A high voltage of electricity is applied to the gap or “Arc” between the two electrodes. The voltage flashes quickly and goes out as a result of the straps. You will notice that the straps are intact. Damage from the electric jolt only appears on one side of the strap where the coating has been vaporized, the other side looks like new.

Test Results

BioThane® adds a protective coating to the webbing that resists electricity, substantially increases abrasion resistance and makes it easy to clean. These features combined make this new material resistant to static discharge. BioThane® was put through rigorous standardized tests to determine if it truly was spark resistant.

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