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Winter Tips for Dogs

Your dogs don't like to be cold in the winter. Read about some winter tips for dog owners who live in an area where cold and snow take over during the winter months. Read Article

Seven Dog Breeds That Need Indestructible Dog Collars

Certain dog breeds can be a little destructive. Here are seven dog breeds that could use indestructible dog collars made from BioThane coated webbing. Read Article

The Battle of BioThane Dog Collars vs. Leather

BioThane dog collars can give owners the look of leather with additional benefits that real leather can’t provide. Learn more about BioThane today! Read Article

Well-Known Pet Product Manufacturer Uses BioThane® Coated Webbing for Dog Collars

A major U.S.-based designer and manufacturer of pet products had been using BioThane® coated webbing for its popular line of dog collars for several years. As the company grew, it looked for ways to lower costs and identified a webbing manu… Read Article