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Gee Hawin' - Happiness Is A Collared Puppy

Did you ever wonder how a dog performs unique tricks such as getting your slippers with a simple voice command? Have you ever witnessed a service dog piloting a blind person through a crowded venue flawlessly in spite of all the obstacles p… Read Article

Gee Hawin' - I think we’re in Alaska Togo

Domestic livestock are often thought of as work animals. They provide a necessary task that can be done with little or no resistance. Horses, oxen, and mules come to mind immediately. However, how many of us have ever thought of a canine… Read Article

Gee Hawin' - For He is Good

Autumn brings another season of, amongst other things, leaves heeding to the call of each tree’s undecipherable clock. Whether it is a tree whose colors remind us of the season, or certain foods that bring back memories (or create new ones)… Read Article