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Gee Hawin' - I think we’re in Alaska Togo

Domestic livestock are often thought of as work animals. They provide a necessary task that can be done with little or no resistance. Horses, oxen, and mules come to mind immediately. However, how many of us have ever thought of a canine… Read Article

Winter Tips for Dogs

Your dogs don't like to be cold in the winter. Read about some winter tips for dog owners who live in an area where cold and snow take over during the winter months. Read Article

New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Dog

Start the new year off right with some good resolutions for you and your dog. Read our suggestions for 2017 in our new post. Read Article

Holiday Gift Guide for Your Dog

Let your dog know that he or she has been good this year. Read about some gifts that your dog may love to get during the holidays. Read Article

What Your Dogs Can Chew On Instead of a Collar

A collar isn't a chew toy, but your dog doesn't always listen. Invest in a good dog collar and these items for your chew-happy pup. Read Article

Choosing the Correct Collar Inventory for Your Customers

Coated webbing collars give dog owners both quality and affordability. Here’s why you should choose BioThane wholesale pet products for your inventory. Read Article