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How to Pick Out a Police Dog Collar (1)

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If you’re trying to pick out a high-quality police dog collar, the process is simple; just look for BioThane. When K-9 units need police dog collars, they turn to K-9 equipment that uses BioThane coated webbing. Why do they use BioThane? Because our coated webbing for police dog collars is strong, convenient, and comfortable, making them the best choice for canine units.

BioThane police dog collars are strong, convenient, and comfortable options for working dogs.

Strong Collars for Strong Dogs

Police dogs are tough creatures. That means they need tough collars that can take a beating. Just how strong are BioThane collars? Some BioThane police dog collars have a breaking strength of over 1,000 pounds, so there’s not much that’s going to be able to break these collars.

Convenient Solutions for Busy People

Police dog collars need to be more than strong. BioThane police dog collars provide plenty of resistant to natural elements, making them a maintenance-free option for people looking for collars that won’t require much work. Benefits of BioThane’s coated webbing makes collars:

  • Waterproof
  • Rot-proof
  • Mildew-proof
  • Stretch-proof
  • Stink-proof

That’s a lot of proof that BioThane police dog collars are pretty convenient. Police have other things to deal with than frequently replacing dog collars. BioThane lets you get to work without having to worry about smelly, damaged collars.

Comfortable Collars for Hard-working Dogs

BioThane’s coated webbing features smooth edges and can be made without rivets, meaning your police dog collar won’t irritate your canine while he’s on the job. It also makes for a great material for wider, heavier agitation collars that help distribute tension to a wider area. This way the police dog is less likely to accidentally choke itself or cause damage to its neck when pulling hard on a leash.

Police Dog Collars from BioThane

Police dogs deserve the best, which is why they need collars made from BioThane. Not only are they look slick, but they’re practically indestructible. Check out our list of police dog collar brands that use BioThane’s coated webbing and buy the best collars for your dog today.

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