Granite® 281: Our Most Realistic Leather Alternative Ever

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Harness makers tell us that three things matter when it comes to a good harness: adhesion, adhesion and adhesion.

The adhesive properties of BioThane® coated webbing have always made our products the preferred choice in many markets, including medical, sporting goods, safety, military/tactical, equine and canine.

Now we've launched a product known as Granite® 281, a semi-gloss BioThane®, which is our most realistic leather alternative to date.  In addition to knowing it's made in America, our customers appreciate its:

  • "dressed leather" finish
  • new jet black color
  • new embossed surface
  • weather-resistance
  • flexibility, especially in cold temps

Application examples for Granite® 281 include equine harnesses, where durability, cleanability and weather resistance are especially critical.

Granite® 281 looks better and lasts longer than any other synthetic on the market (compare us to other straps). The semi-gloss finish is also available in our Griamond® series.

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